Monday, June 6, 2016

The Contest, the Crossbow and the Sad Koala

Hey pplz!! This is the RIM:
It doesn't look like a weapon much and it is very expensive. Naaah, I don't really like it.
 And now... The Sad Koala part...
Soooo... I won a giveaway. The prize was a Tan Carpet !
Now I have 2 of them!
So I tried to trade it for a wood floor but no-one was willing to trade. But the Tan Carpet is beta, while the Wood Floor isn't! In fact, someone I attempted to trade said: Seriously non beta floor for beta (mine was the ''non beta''). BUT SEE:

Pictures from Animal Jam Wiki
So, is the Wood Floor rarer or something? Like the Headdress is rarer than the Top Hat? Plz lemme know!!!!


Nvm, I got that wood floor I wanted.

Flora Tries To Sketch (with Windows Paint)

Poor u. I think I shound only use Sumo Paint or Smooth Draw from now on. (while using le computer) 
Bye ppl!!

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