Friday, June 24, 2016

Weird tree, weird squirrel, weird answers on the Alpha letter...

Hey piñacoladas!!
This is the boring, in my opinion, pixelated ''trri'':

Ι spelled that ''trri'' because it's completely fake! (futurama) Like Leela's ''froot'' salad, but look how this ended up:
BONES IN FRUIT? (ironic) YAY!! Finally, now we can plant burgers and within a couple of hours get healthy ''apllesh'' (apples) in order to sell them! That's so fantastic! (ironic again)

Anyway, my point is than AJHQ made a tree out of pixels that is...supposed to be a tree out of pixels. Pixels in pixels in pixels in pixels...

Also, today I got diamonds on the spin, so I decided to make a new masterpiece:
I don't know if it looks normal to you, but it looks like a crossbreed between a chipmunk and a squirrel. What should I draw next? I'm out of ideaz.

Ok, and now the Alpha letter:

                              have long legs

are nocturnal

                                       they live in trees!

Obviously a sloth (or a kinkajou. ). Well, 99% obviously. I'm not so sure.

Here are some weird answers some people believed that were correct:
-Frog (yes, there are tree frogs, but I don't think they are nocturnal, are they?)

Ok, that's all for now!
Bye piñacoladas!! 


  1. A tortoise? A parrot? Those are NOT nocturnal, they don't have long legs, and I doubt tortoises live in trees. Idk, do they? Now how would a tortoise get himself up a tree?


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