Monday, July 18, 2016

Interview: Rares/scamming!


  • What is your rarest item?
  • For how long have you been playing Animal Jam?
  • If you saw a quite new jammer with a headdress on trade, what will your offer be?
  • What's your first thought when a rare buddy of you quits?
  • Would you scam someone if you had the chance?

Question 1: Jammer 1: Rare Spiked Wristband
Question 2: Jammer 1: 3 years
Question 3: Jammer 1: 4 non-member betas
Question 4: Jammer 1: none has quitted so far.
Question 5: Jammer 1: No, never

Question 1: Jammer 2: Rare Spiked Collar (yellow)
Question 2: Jammer 2: Beta Stage
Question 3: Jammer 2: 2 short collars and 1 beta
Question 4: Jammer 2: Sadness and anger
Question 5: Jammer 2: Never

Question 1: Jammer 3: Rare Viking Hat
Question 2: Jammer 3: early 2016
Question 3: Jammer 3: a beta,diamond shop black spike and diamond shop yellow spike
Question 4: Jammer 3: Anger
Question 5: Jammer 3: No

Question 1: Jammer 4: Elf TaIL
Question 2: Jammer 4: 3 years
Question 3: Jammer 4: a fair trade
Question 4: Jammer 4: Ask them why would they quit and try to change their mind
Question 5: Jammer 4: No, getting scammed is horrible

The following jammer wasn't asked to answer. I just found out what their answers would be, while jamming with a buddy in the pillow room!

Question 1: Jammer 5: Light Pink Headdress
Question 2: Jammer 5: ??
Question 3: Jammer 5: Some junky rares to make them believe they are better than their headdress
Question 4: Jammer 5: I wouldn't care. 
Question 5: Jammer 5: I already scam sometimes.

Ok, so these were some of the sentences they said... :

''I loaf my light pink more than you'' (they were talking to a buddy)
''I'm trying to get headdresses easily by trading bad rares''
''Idk about buddies''
''I got a spike for a necklace once XD''

I am not going to reveal their usernames because it doesn't matter.

Scam percentage: 20%

So 1 out of 5 Jammers is/could be a scammer :O

No, I don't necessarily mean THESE jammers! I mean a total of 5 RANDOM jammers!
Take Care!!

~Flora Cutegirl (Cuterebecca)


  1. Yikes. Jammer 5

    1. My answers-
      Question 1: I suppose either my Cami's Frog or my Rare New Year's Party Hat.
      Question 2: 3 years! I joined in 2013!
      Questions 3: Fair items! If this New Jammer has a headdress, they must have another AJ account somewhere out there, which means they're experienced and probably know their stuff!
      Question 4: I would ask them why they're quitting, and perhaps send them an " I'll miss you" gift. Though idk why they'd want another item if they're quitting, XD!
      Question 5: N-E-V-E-R in a million years!!


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