Sunday, July 17, 2016

:OOO and Tag!

Guys, idk kelly1010's membership is gone anymore! AJHQ gave me 1 of da rarest (normal) rares on AJ!  (well, not exactly. I actually won it on the Forgotten Desert from an other account, currently owned by a friend of my sister. My sister gave the password to her but we all share it.Yesterday was our day, so....) I got a....

OMG I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

(no jk I got this:)

It's so priti.

Anyways, I got tagged by Swirlshine. Let's see dat tag:

(by Lostfairy)

1) Dream item? Hmm... There are some items I want, such as...
-A Headdress! (not because it's rare. It actually looks very good, doesn't it?)
-More (good) masterpieces!
-A Spilled Icecream! (me and my sister are obsessed with it. I once offered my orange spike for one!)
-A Sidekix!

2) Bepper,  not only because she is funny, but she also is not as rare-obsessed as her brother! And WisteriaMOOON. Ok, her rare obsessions are funny, not like Aparri's. Wisteria is like: (Puts necklace on trade) GIVE ME FREE RARES!!! ,while Aparri is like: Oh, they want to give me a gift (puts necklace on trade) Sorry, I expect better trades than just a short (rare) collar. Aparri's reactions are more ironic and annoying than Wisteria's. Also, Wisteria is funnier. BUT, my favorite AJ youtubers are RainbowTheCat AJ , CocoTrolls AJ and KittyLucy AJ. Unfortunately, only CocoTrolls uploads videos currently.

3) Hm, since I mostly play in 3 users, I kinda have many buddies as a total, but they aren't exactly ''friends''. On Cuterebecca, I don't buddy many people anymore, but, During my first 2 aj months, I had about 75/100 buddies, and I didn't play that often! Now I have...

-Cuterebecca:91 buddies (lol)
-kelly1010:191 buddies (when my membership expired I had like 150 buddies, but then I suddenly became popular XD)
-Tzatziki:80 buddies (no1 wants to be a crazed panda's friend :cri:)

4) Lol NO! I don't love rares!! I usually collect them, either because they're cool (most of them.For example, I would mind losing a Light-up ring more than Epic Faerie wings, because I like it better), or because I want to give them to some of my buddies (I do that kinda often).

5) On my free time I troll people. YAS. MY FAVE HOBBIE!!!
Or I host stuff in my den. Such as proms where I am the Crazed Panda and become the prom princess and then trap all others in a volcano and do fun stuff. I sometimes go to the summer carnival and play adventures. I RARELY go to trading parties because most people there just show off their rares.

6) 2 :cri:

7) Bullies, scammers, liars, weird weirdos. With weird weirdos I mean the people that write nasty stuff on their dens with mats, that use the new Yak Horns for inaproppriate purposes, pretend to be humans in a nasty way...
I don't really dislike hackers. NO, OF COURSE NOT, I DON'T SUPPORT THEM!!! Just, to hack in a game with 33 million players game, which helps some people earn MILLIONS of dollars seems pretty hard, and you must either be old enough to do something like that or you ''simply'' are a genius! I kinda know how hacking works, but I have NEVER hacked! (remember when I made a post where I said I would hack 3Leeli? Well, I didn't. It was mostly to warn her. I haven't hacked -o, at least so far XD-. But if I ever hack anyone, it's more likely they won't be a jammer, or if they are, they must be really NASTY!)

8)Masterpieces are probably my favorite feature in the whole game! MAKE IT NON-MEMBER, AJHQ!!!
Oh, and something you probably didn't know I do (You SURELY didn't know that, I have never mentioned it): I like roleplaying as da mad doctor in Kimbara, it's HILARIOUS!! You gotta try it some day. It's like:

Doctor Flora: The heart is a muscle. It cannot be scratched.
Doctor Flora: (ironic)Ah, find a better excuse to come to the hospital.

Ehm...IDK who I should tag.... Every blogger I know (not I have heard of) has already been tagged.

So byez!!Cya (probably) tomorrow (I will probably go to my BFF's house to make those Tomba Muffins!)


  1. ...

    You...won... A BLACK LONG SPIKED COLLAR!? No way! I've never had much luck on the Forgotten Desert, But, I did win Tan Carpet from it once!

    Oh my gosh, now I want to be your nurse, Doctor Flora!!! XD

    1. O yus, I actually wanted rares for my competition but...nvm XD
      OMG YAS MORE CREW!!! You have to be insensitive with weird ppl that pretend that ''a tiger bit their brain'' and stuff XD

  2. You are a wonderful person (and hilarious) there is just one thing I am wondering... what account do you use the most? I would love to add you, it would just be great to have you as a friend!

    1. Wow, I almost forgot, I am Missybubbs! ;)

    2. TYSM! That is one of the best things anyone has ever told me :DDD I will buddy you right away :)


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