Monday, July 4, 2016

RIM and loads of stuff I can't post right now, but I will! Sometime...

Hiya! This is today's rather expensive (1000 gemz) and weird RIM:
Seriously? Green flowers and purple leaves? I can't say I like it, but it looks kinda good on my koala!

Also, Swirlshine (visit her blog! It's epic!!) made a very beautiful masterpiece of  her best friend's cat, Shadow:

So cute!!!!!!
...and then I wanted a cat masterpiece too!! I <3 cats (and dogs) very much!! I actually wanted a pet cat, but Max is just as good!! I will probably show you a picture or the cat I wanted. He is a fully-grown, mature cat now. XD.
This is my attempt on drawing a kitty:
Heh, it is semi-transparent! I will buy it sometime... I will also make it not-semi-transparent XD

Finally, (this is random) this weekend,I came up with some stuff, such as:

  • Monster Story (team lava)- my attempts on getting a Tonguetoad!
  • Fan-animating (I really need help on this, if I ever start a mini-animated, fan of something series XD)
  • Movie/series reviews, in a Florish way! 

Ok, that's all, I think. BYEZ JAMMERS!!

Ha. If you thought I forgot what day is today, you're wrong!!



  1. I'm glad you like my artwork, and yours is phenomenal, as always!

    1. I like how you can do perfect eyes!!!!! I CAN'T :cri:
      Also, ty!

    2. I think the eyes you make are amazing!
      I almost said " I think your eyes are amazing", but that sounds a little stranger, XDD!


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