Monday, July 25, 2016

RIM, code and My Plushie Blog!

Hoi!! This is da RIM, which should be NON-MEMBER!!!!!!!!


I also found another gem code, arctic (gives 500 gems). But you probably already knew that so...

As you know, at least most of you, I have made a new blog, a plushie series (IT IS NOT READY YET!!!)
Anyways, it is called Acacia Hills and it is Twin Peaks-themed. Imma add that TP music sometime :)
 Okay... remember when I told ya I would do series reviews?? Here is Twin Peaks:

Twin Peaks
Ahaha, my 2nd favorite series!! It is super funny, but make sure to watch the series, not the movie. The movie includes loads of inaproppriate scenes, unlike the series. It's hilarious (althgh it's not a comedy), but you have to be prepared before seeing Bob and the last episode. Of couse, I don't get scared. I BARELY get scared. I LOVE HORROR FILMZ!! But, just in case you are normal (XD), prepare yourselves. No, Bob looks like a human, but he acts very.....yeah. Watch Twin Peaks, it iz gud bc I say so (And so does everyone :D). Ok, the series has some 11+ stuff, but NOT scenes.

And, lastly, A COMPETITION!!
I will try to find a prize now XD Probably a beta or a wristband. (updating)

All you have to do is... SOLVE THE FOLLOWING RIDDLE!!

Flora Killed Several Thousands

Flora killed several thousands of people, but no-one chased after her. Luckily, she never bothered anyone again.
What happened?



  1. i miss misterchunkybuddy... post more flora!

    1. Okie!! But the truth is I can't make posts very similar to MCB's, but I will try to find some stuff to post about!

  2. suck at

    Maybe...she killed several thousands...of fruit or something? Like, she killed food by eating her lifetime...


    1. Oh. It says people in it. See how badly I suck??

      Maybe she killed thousands of... FRUIT PEOPLE...?

    2. Nu she killed peopleish people... The point is who is Flora (not death, an animal/thing).

  3. OOOO! Flora was a mosquito who carried a virus!!?

    I'm so glad I thought of that. SU SMART! :3

  4. That does make sense, but, even if people wanted Flora to return, she wouldn't. People could do nothing to bring Flora back (why'd they want a "killer" among them?)

  5. She killed herself too? She was Hitler? Or was she a hurricane?

    1. Yeah, was she a hurricane?

    2. Ding-ding!! Correct! She was a hurricane. Anonymus, what is your username? (lol I saw these late because I were editing the Joomag, I will give a smaller prize to Swirlshine too).

      (Also, I am a Flora too. DON'T CALL ME HITLER XD)

    3. Haha it's me xD I wasn't signed in. Give the prize to swirlshine, I was just joking lol


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