Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Another hairstyle and dinner party thing

Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ppl! I iz back again with da new item:

It looks good only in a few animals. And I don't think that many animals would braid their hair. I personally don't really like Animal Hairstyles, they are WAY too human (except Beehive Hair. I loaf this accessory <3 Looks like Ivy's hair -Flipline Studios-, but looks terrible on most animals. I think I have it but I never wear it :T)

Oh, and.. yeah, all that Flora mania... voting starts in 6 days. I also decided not to name me (my CP username) CatFun123. I now am named Flora The Koala :D And, since Flora is made (with a quite darker outfit) and 2 wiki members said she could win, I think I'm ready :DDD

So, today I were at the dinner party, I saw this and cracked up XDDD

Now I gtg, my membership has expired but I'm still a member, I haven't been billed and I'm a little worried XD, cya!!

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