Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Biggest stroke of luck EVER (including unboxing pictures)

Please read my previous post to be aware of some things...

Hi jam-a-grams! (?)

(random) Because there are no new items today, I decided to draw my arctic wolf's new main look in 3 mins (su weird O.o)
And I found a matching mommy (She didn't adopt me, of course, I just got da picture) as well!!

(you got what I mean, right? I mean... I FINALLY GOT DAT HD!!)

My offer was an over: 1 red long, 1 red short wrist, 1 purple long wrist, 4 betas, tomatoes and wood floor (I had 2).

But the headdress is not the only dreamy item I got...
I also got my all-time dream item, member and non, clothing and den item, MY MOST FAVORITE ITEM IN THE WHOLE AJ HISTORY!! Try guessing what it is ;-)

-My sister (littlethegirl123) has it.
-It is non-member.
-It was not released during beta.

And, last but SO NOT least, I got my light-up tiger!!! Woo!!

I wanted to challenge myself and open the backage without scratching the back paper.
But things turned violent...

But then I finally opened it!

 Yayz!! Imma name him Junior ^_^

O yas. Sefie with Victoria (my chicken LPS. I got her like 4 years ago and she probably is my fave lps. I collect dem. So KAWAII <3)

And then I entered the code and got the ring. THE END :)

Ok, :P, that's all!!
Oh! Also, this Friday I will probably do another series review, because I will be at the camp in 8 days... CYA!


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3- Only visit the blog if you like it. (What is the point in visiting it otherwise?)
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