Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Hiya!! So, today I am leaving for vacation, I woke up quite early, so I found some time to make the ''Joomag'' post!

This is the link:

There are some cooking competitions in there :P You can either send me the pictures, or post them on a blog  so I can see them.

Hehe, I'm a little worried about my vacation though... I'm going there with my best friend, and we don't want to be seperated! If they just DARE to seperate us... >:-(

LASTLY, don't forget to support my Customerpalooza entry (Customerpalooza starts on September), Flora!! I won't be able to make Sploder games with her, and stuff.

Cya in 13 days!

ps. If you see any spam, it could probably be my sister, pretending to be me or idk... And she was trying to spam Swirlshine with JAGs once, luckily she didn't. Imma trust her :P


  1. Your sister tried to JAG spam me? XDD

    Hope you have fun on your vacation, Flora! :)
    Imma read that Joomag now! :DD

    1. Hehe, she probably gave up on trying to spam you XDD

      I actually had loads of fun, thanks though!

  2. Guess The AJ Item Answers

    1. Flame Tiara
    2. Turtle Shell
    3. Spiked Hair
    4. Holly Hair Bow
    5. Sparkly Shoes
    6. High Heels
    7. Spartan Armor

    1. Does it still count if I used an unscrambler? Eheheheh...

    2. I will send you the prize, no-one else entered :cri:


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