Friday, August 5, 2016

Flora the copycat!

Hihihiihhihiihiihi, you probably noticed the title XD

So, why am I a copycat? Well, I watched that yellowfr3ak's  Coco Speedpaint, I got inspired and wanted to draw a portrait of Lucas :-(

So, why the sad face? Well, (no, Lucas is still alive) Lucas was the cat I was going to ''adopt''. But then we found Max. And, since Lucas is a cat, it would be easier for him to live alone than Maxxi (that lady who gave him to us had a grandson that teased all 4 doggies a lot >:-I). I used to see him on a regular basis, but he suddenly disappeared!! I didn't see him for about 6 months. About 3 months ago,though, I were lucky enough to see him while coming back from school! He was so skinny and dirty :( , but so KAWAII!

So I tried my best to draw him. I really don't know if it is good or not.These eyes though...Yellowfr3ak is 22 and has more experience.  Well, accept my try :P

XD that background...

I will probably update that later. Byez!


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