Sunday, August 28, 2016

Giveaway/Customerpalooza quick reminderzzz


Sooo.. I've started gathering more and more items for the giveaway! Oh, also, I got a ''job'' as a thumbnail maker for DeeryAJ, and I will be paid a wristband every week (well, 3/4 weeks a month, I didn't mind skipping a week).

And, I won't only do a giveaway, I will also do TONZZZ of livestreams!

OOH! Also, I have joined a Customerpalooza on the Flipline Studios Wiki! (lol I know I said it was my other acc. Well, it was mine when we first-hosted the Customerpalooza but now it is owned by Mfse.)If you don't have an account, I believe you can still vote or check what Flora is doing!! Also, KawaiiOtter, the person who is the host of the Customerpalooza, is my BFF but DON'T WORRY, lol, I am not cheating XD. Even if I wnted to, I can't cheat! My victory depends on... DA COMMUNITY!!

So, here is a random cat GIF XD...

And a Futurama GIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cya tomorrow!!

ps. On Flipline I am known as CatFun123.


  1. Man, I've just returned to this blog after 2 years, and I was thrilled to see it's still alive! Keep up the good work Flora!



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