Friday, August 26, 2016

My great animal jam giveaway!

Hey everyone!
Today I have something great to announce (no, not the new item. It is great but it is not what I mean).

I will be hosting a quite big giveaway! I only have 1 prize so far, an orange long wristband. Anyways, now that I have an owl, I will work non-stop to get more for you guys!!

So how this is gonna work:

As you know, I am very thrilled to know that in 5 or 4 days, THE CUSTOMERPALOOZA WILL BE BACK!! YAY!!!! But because I know I won't find many fans in flipverse (No1 likes meh :cri:), I would like to depend on you. Also, I named my character ''Flora'' to remind you of my super hawt koala XD, I would name her Floyd or Fender otherwise. This is the link to my YT channel: . I will soon upload a giveaway video, named something like ''My first MEGA GIVEAWAY!!'' . I will give away many items, mostly rare spiked ones (I will probably give away a collar as well). The rules are:

  • You must be subscribed to me.
  • You must like the video.
  • You must give Flora 3 stars (if flipline uses the same method they used last year)
  • This giveaway will end ONLY if I am in the top 32 submissions. 
And, just in case you think I am using you to get votes on a game I like better, I don't. First of all, I like AJ a ZILLION TIMES better than flipline! And I am not using you, I am depending on you guys because I trust you.

Oh! Also, I am hosting a Customerpalooza of my own on the wiki (Not on my main account. Shh.)! I will probably give you the link when it's voting time!



  1. NOOO I am not allowed to subscribe to youtube wah cry

    1. Since you are a reader of AJCC you are allowed to simply vote for Flora! (you don't need a facebook or a twitter of some sort of social media to do that, you just click the link, and then 3 stars :P)

    2. Oh, really!? In that case, I'll do it!


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