Monday, August 29, 2016

RIM, mini-palooza has started and 1 more wristband for the giveaway!

Hiyo mai bananazzzzzzzz!
This is the RIM, which is SUPER WEIRD:

Seriously...Purple blood?? And it is expensive for what it is!!

Anyways, I got a new item for the giveaway, which is...

(drum roll)

So far, we've got...

Rare Wristbands (x2)
Flower Carpet (x1)
Worns (x2)

So far, so good!

And, remember that mini Customerpalooza Kawaii and I were hosting? Well, it's on :P So, PLEASE CHECK WHEN FLORA IS ON SO YOU CAN VOTE FOR HER, AND HELP HER RULE THE WORLD, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!
No jk, I just depend on you because I can vote only once (twice if Mfse -KawaiiOtter- is caught as me XD). I know I've turned into a weird weirdo with all this Cusomerpalooza stuff, but the only thing I managed to win within the last 5 years was a plastic medal on basketball at the camp :P
So, here is the link (yes, you can vote for other customers too, there are 32 of 'em! But plz support Flora when it is her turn :DDDD): (you don't need an account to vote).

Cya !!

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