Friday, September 30, 2016

Hawt stuff :O

Hoi jams! Sowwie for not posting the day before yesterday, I had a small loan of million pages of homework :P

Anyways, since I've already done my homework for Tuesday (I have no school on Monday :D), I'm gonna make a big post, which is also the 700th post!

So let's get in the topic!

As you have noticed, loads of hot,snazzy stuff is being released, such as this:

 And mostly this:

Wear it. Loaf it.
And I guess you have all seen my halloween costume, the best, swaggiest 'n' derpiest outfit in the entire game:
I am a magic candy box.

Ooh! Also, please watch my AJ movie, I spent almost 2 hours on making it. Yeah, since I only played the old woman's role, I had to help Bunnyan on being synchronized.

Almost lastly, here r some snaps I found on my computer. Ikr, u loaf mai picturez XD
But, since I have like 1 Petabyte* of pictures... here are some good ones I found

*In case you didn't know, 1 petabyte is about 80,000 kilometers of printed paper (waaaaay bigger than 1 terrabyte).


Lookin' pretty for that fancy dinner XD
I also <3 optical illusions.
My sister told her that if she wore round glasses everyone would fall in love with her XD
And lastly:
Clark Stacey's marvellous artwork.

And now, as always, the last part of the post. I've started making the SECOND episode of season 1 of the animation, the FIRST episode is not made yet, though. To find the wiki where we're posting, check the account's profile, to check the episodes, take a look at the episodes section. The username is Floranimations Flipline and the password is... yeah :P When we start animating officially, the original episodes, I will be uploading them on a new YT account I will make, just for the animations, which seem to be pretty popular, since, when I temporarily uploaded the Hole skit on my channel, it got 8 views (none by me) in 2 minutes and 2 nice comments (and no bad comments), which is great, since I am a complete YouTube noob :T The password will be the same.

Username: Floranimations Flipline
Password: (dat word I sent you :P)
Episodes: profile page.

(official website: Floranimations. I need the AJ ideas, too. AND QUICK!)

Cya soon!

Monday, September 26, 2016

RIM& stuff

Hoi jams!
This is the RIM:
It might be cheap, but green and orange don't look that good on a clothing item... But I bought it because I didn't have any underwater rares XD

The next topic I would like to talk about is Gabby Wild.
I think it's obvious that she is my least favorite NG scientist, since my favorite place all across Jamaa changed into her fan-club. It is like I'm Bob Kelso and Janitor is tearing down Sacred Heart!(Scrubs stuff o3o)

I also formed the
the swaggiest,
the coolest,

The Becky Squad

We all are named Becky. No, not in real life XD! We just needed a common name :P


Lastly, I would like to inform you about the animations a little. I could really use some AJ trilogy plots, so if you have any ideas, leave them on the membership form of the animating blog and send them by using any fake e-mail :P! As for the other animations, I've started making a new one, which is way funnier than the previous one XDDD! Also, plz start writing episodes if you have any ideas! I have some but they will probably be added in season 2. Swirlshine, AJKraft and Princessbg, you all have the wikia account password, but if you don't remember it, deleted the JAG or didn't receive it, please tell me so I can send you a new one! I would also love ideas from anyone, all are read,a nd appreciated! Here is the link (use the membership form to send me scripts and plots, and the bottom one to send me pictures -1 at a time -):


EDIT: A new thing we should do is erasing inappropriate text on the FFW. I do that quite often. Of course, inappropriate language is not allowed, neither there nor anywhere else, but there always are some law-breakers XP
Yas! Found it B)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Incredibly awesome gift and may the series begin!

Hi jammers!
I normally wouldn't post this, but then it occured and I just couldn't help doing otherwise!
So I were hosting a funniest Jam-a-gram competition, and I got over 40 jam-a-grams. No, I weren't doing that for gifts, I love hosting these competitions because I just adore reading JAG jokes and funny stuff about potatoes :P (most of them were about potatoes)

So I opened my first JAG.
It was a classic Peck postcard, with the ''Animal Jam Rocks'' message and a gift attatched.
:DDD I didn't even ask for gifts, I were clear! I said P H R A S E S! That was so random but really kind of you, Fisher!

 I also found this swagalicious masterpiece a buddy of mine made! It is the HypnoToad from Futurama!
But anyways, I actually made this post to inform you a little more about the animations, and mostly the series. The animal jam movie is still being ''processed'', and I can guarantee I have a quite great idea! It's gonna be something like a trilogy, and teams. That's be interesting. Unfortunately, I have only made 1 character, a Fox named Phoenix, no plot and no title, I just got inspired so any ideas would be welcome in the Floranimations comments section, or the sign up form! But what I'm NOT looking for is animals getting killed. That's why I watch horror movies and I don't read warrior cats. Animals getting killed (in both movies/books/series and real life, but I'm talking about movies at the moment :T) is one of the top 10 things I hate on modern movies (and older ones, but it was rarer). So there could be battles, but no deaths. I'm not such a big fan of movie trilogies, and stuff like that, but it would definitely be something different. So here is Phoenix, something like a guardian spirit of the forest or a minor warrior... idk XP

So, about the series. The floranimations site is maily about the trilogy, because it's gonna be loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong, but it is for the series,too. Since I need a place to post the episode scenarios, I've made a wikia account for all the members of Floranimtions, connected to my e-mail.
Animating club users (lol XD that sounded weird), with this wikia profile,

You can...
a)edit episodes. If I have no clue that you already have a wikia account, no changes are accepted by other wikia profiles.
b)edit the profile, of course.
c)log-in whenever you want.
d)upload as much fanart as you like.
You must...
a) Leave a comment with your nickname (In this case, AJ username)
b) Warn me before making a big change in an episode, and do that change only if I agree, and I probably will, except if I really hate it, but you guys have great ideas :)
c) Use ''we'' when commenting unless you're expressing a personal opinion.
You mustn't...
a) Share your age.
b) Make big edits without telling me.
c) Share the password with ANYONE (read below to know about the account info)
d) Be rude to anyone.
e) Change the profile picture if I don't agree.
f) Change major character info.
g) Change other people's stories, EXCEPT if you see any swearwords. If you do, please erase them, I just can't stand swearwords :T This profile is about the series, mostly.
h) Add swearwords in the series' episodes.


Ok, back to my point.

The username is Floranimations Flipline, and the password will be sent to all the animating members in a Jam-a-gram. (btw, AJKraft, what's your username? XD) You can still join if you want, don't worry!

Ok, now I gtg make some episode halves. Cya!!


UPDATE: This is our new profile pic :D
I had to make it within 5 minutes, so yeah XD

(couldn't find the other siggy. :cri:)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Awesome new items, Skorm exposed and my very first animation :DDD

Hi jammehs it's Flora waild (lol I'm so copying Wisteria and Gabby Wild)

XD Anyways, both of today's items are AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Anyways, as you can see it the title, I will be eposing my least favorite famous jammer... SKORM.
You'll probably ask, ''why does she dislike Skorm? He is funny, and not that rare-obsessed.'' Well, the answer is, if you are not obsessed with rares doesn't mean you are nice. And I will be explaining why:

 Skorm started playing Animal Jam just for fame. And monetizing. Not because he enjoys it. YES, YES, I KNOW, he has some very funny vids that you can't leave the page without liking or at least subscribing! But, my point is, he just wants to be loved.
 And, I am 100% sure you have heard of #skepper. Well, guess what:
So does that mean he ''likes'' bepper because she has 100k subscribers? Now that's cruel. And Aparri can't be lying; bepper is his own sister. Deep down, that's what every sibling would do. And, idk if Aparri was just joking or wanted to embarass Skorm, but, if it's true, Skorm gets a -100% as a jammer :P And it is obvious that bepper likes him. Bepper is funny and nice, and she deserves WAY more than Skorm the worm.
 Lastly, he might be less rare-obsessed, but he definitely is obsessed with his face. Just look at this.
That is why I dislike Skorm :)

And, I left the best for the end, BEHOLD: MY VERY FIRST ANIMATION! (I mean my first animation that lasts more than 5 seconds XD)
Sorry for some silly mistakes, I'm not a pro, ya know :T

Bai!! Also, comment and join my Animation Site!

Monday, September 19, 2016

RIM, Jam-a-gram from RainbowTheCat, Animation updates and a person thought I was Artymis?!?!

Hi jummaz!
This is the RIM (Rare Safari Boots):
It looks really good, but it is super expensive...

Anyways, look what I got:
(I sent her something like ''Your videos are super good, you are my favorite AJ youtuber -Although you can't say ''youtuber'' on JAGs, anyways...-)

It is a MILLION times better than a JAG by Aparri, Rainbow is WAY funnier! (watch this video to see what I'm talking about)

(Almost) last is...
A person -probably- thought I was Artymis!
So here's the whole story:
My sister was about to trade one of my Maxterpieces to a person, who asked ''I think your sister has uploaded a speedpaint of her drawing this masterpiece'' (she admitted I drew it BP). My sister replied ''idk'', and the other person said ''If she did, I have watched it. She makes really good masterpieces!)
But guys, let's get real, Artymis' puppy looks better, I were in a rush anyways.
Of course, I mean the drawing. Max is 2 hawt 2 be compared XD

Lastly, I've started making the animations (only a little). Special thanks to Princessbg for the beautiful background, it is definitely going to be used :D I am looking forward to see more pictures, the new form is in the bottom of the page, and no e-mail is needed! (not even a fake one :D)
Another update I made is that I will probably make an e-mail and a youtube channel about one of the animations (probably the series), and I will give the password to all the animating members.

Remember this?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to contact me on my Animating Blog (NO E-MAIL NEEDED -AT ALL-)

Hi jammers!
So, today, since I read that most of you don't want to sign up by using their or a fake e-mail, which is normal (I haven't used my e-mail or my parents' on Cuterebecca...), I added a form where you can send me a short message and a picture (or more) for the animations. You might see the little form that asks you for your e-mail in order to receive my reply... yeah, I've taken care of that :P You don't have to add any e-mail at all.
All you have to do is...

1. Pick a random thing from the checkbox. I honestly don't care which you will pick, it doesn't matter.
2. Write a short message (120 characters max) if you want to (or just type a TINY, TINY message, like ''o'', if it is necessary).
3. Upload as many pictures as you want.
4. There is a small form which requests for your e-mail. Fill it if you want to, but you really don't need too!! I don't receive any e-mail addresses, I've tested it myself, without filling up that form! It just can't be deleted :(
 5. I receive your message (As a promotion, not a message).

The form is in the lowest part of the website, so make sure to check the whole bage every time you check it, I upload new stuff all the time!

quick ps. : The new form doesn't work always, and I can't fix that. If that happens to you, wait for it to be fixed (1-5 hours probably).



Friday, September 16, 2016


Hoi everyone!
2dei I wanna tell u som random stuff happening around Jamaa.
Firstly, snowypaws213 called Max (OMG THERE IS NO WORD TO USE XDDD), well, cheek painted. It think that it is obvious that his cheeks are just furry...
Painted. Srsly? I copied Artymis' video to make Maxxi. And he looks good. And normal, and identical to the real Maxxi when he was a puppy.
And, snowypaws dearie, there is a marvelous thingy in this planet called a shadow. You should try it some time.
Well guess what snowypaws. UR ART LOOKS BAAAAD B)
(no jk it is not that bad but it is weird bc it has... PURPLE EYES.Lol random :P a girl at my school claimed that there is a rare disease that makes your eyes burple and grows dark hairs on your eyebrows and arms. :OOO snowypaws' art could be a mutated person!!)
Oh, and when I searched youtube ''snowypaws213'' ,I only found some videos where she was hating on other people.
Thank you AJHQ for letting this kind jammer in the game.

I also spotted a cannibal in Jamaa!!!!

SAVE YOUR SOULS QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then I noticed that my raccoon was either super poor or a plain weirdo:
He loves garbage so much!!
Thank you AJHQ for feeding our pets.
Lastly, check my animating site, there are only 3 members (including me) so far!!


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thank you AJHQ.

Thanks AJHQ (watch perroamarillo's video ''Thanks AJHQ'' to understand the post below)

Non members can play only as 11 animals,
thank you AJHQ.
The jammer wall has been tested for over a year,
thank you AJHQ.
It is impossible to get featured on the DE if you are non-member,
thank you AJHQ.
You'll never get any nice comments by the staff if you are not famous,
thank you AJHQ.
You are deleting animals from your own game,
thank you AJHQ.
Almost every animal costs 10 diamonds,
thank you AJHQ.
Scammers are all around us,
thank you AJHQ.
You don't really mind if the yak horns can look really inappropriate,
thank you AJHQ.
No more new lands await so far,
thank you AJHQ.
You removed headdresses for a different reason than the one you said,
thank you AJHQ.
We can't even spell numbers if we don't have free chat,
thank you AJHQ.
You don't mind if rares are ruining the game,
thank you AJHQ.
You are overrated, while the only thing you do is monetizing,
thank you AJHQ.
You ruin the beautiful,jamaasian areas you once created,
thank you AJHQ.
You kill your own animals to make sofas (Check''Gabby's''hospital'').
Thank you AJHQ.

They ruined my sacred heart thing. Thanks a lot AJHQ.


Comment if you wanna know what is important.

Also, check my animating site if you haven't already! No e-mail and personal info required!

Bye. Please help me get the Medical Centre back, the only good thing about this ''hospital'', by this, um, ''doctor'' is the operating table.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

First day of school :( and animations :)

Hiya jammersh!
So, today was the first day of school for me. We actually didn't do anything special, except...
My sister has 6 hours of class! And tomorrow I have 4 :DDD

Also, the customerpalooza ended. I definitely lost. I'm sure I won't be in the finals, I got like 50 voters :,(

Oh! Also, if you want to join the animation squad (Swirlshine is the only person that has joined so far), visit the Animal Jam Art Corner! (check my profile to see the link) There also is a small turtorial on how to animate with Filmora!

My AJ Animation will probably be about Felicity (the swaggy and derpy lynx Alpha BD).
My other one is going to be a FS (Flipline Studios) scenario I made back in 2014, when my computer couldn't run Animal Jam very well and I logged on only on Fridays :(

Now I gtg my post on AJAC, cya!!


I didn't forget your birhtday, Swirl!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Hey potatoes!
Here are some pictures of my Customerpalooza opponents and some comments I recieved:

(all the opponents against me I have seen so far)

(by Swirlshine)

Tysm everyone for all this support!!
Max on!

Also, Jam on!