Friday, September 16, 2016


Hoi everyone!
2dei I wanna tell u som random stuff happening around Jamaa.
Firstly, snowypaws213 called Max (OMG THERE IS NO WORD TO USE XDDD), well, cheek painted. It think that it is obvious that his cheeks are just furry...
Painted. Srsly? I copied Artymis' video to make Maxxi. And he looks good. And normal, and identical to the real Maxxi when he was a puppy.
And, snowypaws dearie, there is a marvelous thingy in this planet called a shadow. You should try it some time.
Well guess what snowypaws. UR ART LOOKS BAAAAD B)
(no jk it is not that bad but it is weird bc it has... PURPLE EYES.Lol random :P a girl at my school claimed that there is a rare disease that makes your eyes burple and grows dark hairs on your eyebrows and arms. :OOO snowypaws' art could be a mutated person!!)
Oh, and when I searched youtube ''snowypaws213'' ,I only found some videos where she was hating on other people.
Thank you AJHQ for letting this kind jammer in the game.

I also spotted a cannibal in Jamaa!!!!

SAVE YOUR SOULS QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then I noticed that my raccoon was either super poor or a plain weirdo:
He loves garbage so much!!
Thank you AJHQ for feeding our pets.
Lastly, check my animating site, there are only 3 members (including me) so far!!



  1. Cute!
    I absolutely love the adoption certificate, but they should at least allow us to change the color of the border and let us modify what the pet likes, it's favorite toy, their favorite color, their favorite music, their personality, their strength, and their weakness. But of course, when they were adopted, but that's obviously not going to change.

    And that snakes going to kill us all.
    *stays silent for a second*
    *runs around like a crazy person*

    1. I agree! They can't decide what MY Honeybug likes :P

      XD, no he's not, we luckily aren't snakes :P
      Hopefully there won't be a koala pet cannibal in the future O.o


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