Tuesday, September 13, 2016

First day of school :( and animations :)

Hiya jammersh!
So, today was the first day of school for me. We actually didn't do anything special, except...
This.is.so. COOL!
My sister has 6 hours of class! And tomorrow I have 4 :DDD

Also, the customerpalooza ended. I definitely lost. I'm sure I won't be in the finals, I got like 50 voters :,(

Oh! Also, if you want to join the animation squad (Swirlshine is the only person that has joined so far), visit the Animal Jam Art Corner! (check my profile to see the link) There also is a small turtorial on how to animate with Filmora!

My AJ Animation will probably be about Felicity (the swaggy and derpy lynx Alpha BD).
My other one is going to be a FS (Flipline Studios) scenario I made back in 2014, when my computer couldn't run Animal Jam very well and I logged on only on Fridays :(

Now I gtg my post on AJAC, cya!!


I didn't forget your birhtday, Swirl!!


  1. So, ya know the animation squad...

    I'd love to join, but I cant share my email as it contains my real name. However I do have accounts on Adobe and Cyberlink Directorzone, so if you wanted me to do something I could probably put it there and you could save it or something... Idk if this is possible. I've been really getting into animation recently, so it'd be awesome if I could join! My skills are currently wasting away on a video about my teacher and Jamaasian high (not really a waste but still)


    1. You don't have to share your e-mali, I've taken care of that :P
      You have to type a fake e-mail to enter, and you can comment without sending anything at all.

    2. I don't really like using fake emails xd

    3. You can still write some of the scenario in the comments.


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