Friday, September 30, 2016

Hawt stuff :O

Hoi jams! Sowwie for not posting the day before yesterday, I had a small loan of million pages of homework :P

Anyways, since I've already done my homework for Tuesday (I have no school on Monday :D), I'm gonna make a big post, which is also the 700th post!

So let's get in the topic!

As you have noticed, loads of hot,snazzy stuff is being released, such as this:

 And mostly this:

Wear it. Loaf it.
And I guess you have all seen my halloween costume, the best, swaggiest 'n' derpiest outfit in the entire game:
I am a magic candy box.

Ooh! Also, please watch my AJ movie, I spent almost 2 hours on making it. Yeah, since I only played the old woman's role, I had to help Bunnyan on being synchronized.

Almost lastly, here r some snaps I found on my computer. Ikr, u loaf mai picturez XD
But, since I have like 1 Petabyte* of pictures... here are some good ones I found

*In case you didn't know, 1 petabyte is about 80,000 kilometers of printed paper (waaaaay bigger than 1 terrabyte).


Lookin' pretty for that fancy dinner XD
I also <3 optical illusions.
My sister told her that if she wore round glasses everyone would fall in love with her XD
And lastly:
Clark Stacey's marvellous artwork.

And now, as always, the last part of the post. I've started making the SECOND episode of season 1 of the animation, the FIRST episode is not made yet, though. To find the wiki where we're posting, check the account's profile, to check the episodes, take a look at the episodes section. The username is Floranimations Flipline and the password is... yeah :P When we start animating officially, the original episodes, I will be uploading them on a new YT account I will make, just for the animations, which seem to be pretty popular, since, when I temporarily uploaded the Hole skit on my channel, it got 8 views (none by me) in 2 minutes and 2 nice comments (and no bad comments), which is great, since I am a complete YouTube noob :T The password will be the same.

Username: Floranimations Flipline
Password: (dat word I sent you :P)
Episodes: profile page.

(official website: Floranimations. I need the AJ ideas, too. AND QUICK!)

Cya soon!



    Wow Clark. That could win an art competition! XDDD

  2. That optical illusion is supposed to work if you rapidly scroll up and down the page, but you keep the optical illusion in the middle

    1. In fact, it also works when you look only the 1 of the 2 circles; the one your not looking at looks like it moves.


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