Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to contact me on my Animating Blog (NO E-MAIL NEEDED -AT ALL-)

Hi jammers!
So, today, since I read that most of you don't want to sign up by using their or a fake e-mail, which is normal (I haven't used my e-mail or my parents' on Cuterebecca...), I added a form where you can send me a short message and a picture (or more) for the animations. You might see the little form that asks you for your e-mail in order to receive my reply... yeah, I've taken care of that :P You don't have to add any e-mail at all.
All you have to do is...

1. Pick a random thing from the checkbox. I honestly don't care which you will pick, it doesn't matter.
2. Write a short message (120 characters max) if you want to (or just type a TINY, TINY message, like ''o'', if it is necessary).
3. Upload as many pictures as you want.
4. There is a small form which requests for your e-mail. Fill it if you want to, but you really don't need too!! I don't receive any e-mail addresses, I've tested it myself, without filling up that form! It just can't be deleted :(
 5. I receive your message (As a promotion, not a message).

The form is in the lowest part of the website, so make sure to check the whole bage every time you check it, I upload new stuff all the time!

quick ps. : The new form doesn't work always, and I can't fix that. If that happens to you, wait for it to be fixed (1-5 hours probably).



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