Friday, September 9, 2016

Pirate hat, Flora's news and my most stunning masterpiece!

Hi jammiz, it is moi. Yea ikr u all missed me su much. It's been 3 DAYS since my last post. 3 DAYS.
Anyways, today we have the returning item, the pirate hat. Wow, this is the second (or third) post about returning pirate hats!
Ok, now the most serious deal ever. Flora's news. Lol, she is quite popular for a Customerpalooza customer! Other popular customers are Jack and Cole (and Pandaboo's other customers.I don't remember their names :P). Probs because Pandaboo, the creator of Jack (and Ross and Zack. My sister calls them Jacket, Racket and Zacket XD) and moi have more than 30 subscribers and can advertise better :D

Again, her link is: 
You don't need some sort of account to enter. You simply click the link and give Flora
And, guess what; A wikia member took a screenshot of her :DDDD

(They took the screenshot because they saw Nina from last year).

Yas! I still have 5 stars! VICTORI IZ SWIT. SU SWIT. But,still, I really doubt I will be in the top 32. Maybe we will re-vote and pick the top 16 male and female entries? I hope so.

And, lastly, my best masterpiece ever... MAX!!

It took me like 2 hours so APPRECIATE IT :P
It is made from another account though, not Tzatziki. That account has a similar story with kelly1010(but, this time, the account wasn't spare.Its owner left aj) and I share it with my sister, my best friend and her sister XD

He is so KAWAIIII!!!!

Loaf him.

Cya soon!

-reposting an old futurama gif-


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