Monday, September 19, 2016

RIM, Jam-a-gram from RainbowTheCat, Animation updates and a person thought I was Artymis?!?!

Hi jummaz!
This is the RIM (Rare Safari Boots):
It looks really good, but it is super expensive...

Anyways, look what I got:
(I sent her something like ''Your videos are super good, you are my favorite AJ youtuber -Although you can't say ''youtuber'' on JAGs, anyways...-)

It is a MILLION times better than a JAG by Aparri, Rainbow is WAY funnier! (watch this video to see what I'm talking about)

(Almost) last is...
A person -probably- thought I was Artymis!
So here's the whole story:
My sister was about to trade one of my Maxterpieces to a person, who asked ''I think your sister has uploaded a speedpaint of her drawing this masterpiece'' (she admitted I drew it BP). My sister replied ''idk'', and the other person said ''If she did, I have watched it. She makes really good masterpieces!)
But guys, let's get real, Artymis' puppy looks better, I were in a rush anyways.
Of course, I mean the drawing. Max is 2 hawt 2 be compared XD

Lastly, I've started making the animations (only a little). Special thanks to Princessbg for the beautiful background, it is definitely going to be used :D I am looking forward to see more pictures, the new form is in the bottom of the page, and no e-mail is needed! (not even a fake one :D)
Another update I made is that I will probably make an e-mail and a youtube channel about one of the animations (probably the series), and I will give the password to all the animating members.

Remember this?


  1. "Woof I am a dog! RAWR RAWR! HIGH YA!"
    "Meow I will fight you kills nn"
    Random pig: *turns voice chat off*

  2. uuhm da freak anonymous posted the thing on friday, november 04, 2016 and said they were fuzzywolfia.. im fuzzywolfia.. unless i forgot i posted it.. but i dont think i have ever seen this page


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