Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another Animation!

Hoi jams! I'm posting today because I don't know if I'll be able to post tomorrow...

As you can see from the title, I made a new animation! It is shorter and poorer, but I wanted to make something with the Larks XD Sorry, I didn't make other animation because it turned out to be too violent >:P So here you are:


Also, about the AJ animation.
It will take some time to be made, yet it could be a success. There is one problem, though. We have almost no fame D: Should I ask AJHQ to watch it, when it's made? I am 99% they won't, but hey, if they do we will probably get videographer plaques :P I'm so ambitious XD.

The other animations:
You will probably need a Flipline Avatar, which you can either make and send to me or tell me what you would like it to look like. Or I can make your avatar look like your AJ animal. You pick :P

That's all for today :P


  1. XDDDD, that animation! I want one of those floofy birds! XD

    Also, could you make my Flipline Avatar look like Flora Daisypride? :)

    1. Hehe, larks4life!
      Yes, I can make your Avatar look like Flora Daisypride. What about the name,though? Should I name the avatar Swirl, or something else?

  2. My adobe page is here-

    My main character is the snow leopard with the diamond helmet. I'm posting some better art of her soon which will probably be a better reference.

    Ps I.. Uh.. Have no clue what flipline exactly is. I always animate on flash/animate and photoshop XD
    You might want to... Kinda.. Tell me what it is lol



    1. Flipverse (flipline studios) is not a programme XD, flipline studios is a company that makes games, and the birdies in the animation, aka Brussel Larks are characters made by them! And you probably have see my KCP entry, Flora. I made Swirlshine a flipline character based on her main animal.

    2. OHH XD

      I need a brain l0l


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