Sunday, October 23, 2016

Haunted Alpha Portraits!

 Hoi jams! Today, we will be talking about those KAWAII new items that are being around, called Haunted Alpha Portraits! I first saw the Haunted Liza portrait on a video by piegirlsy ,and when I saw it I were all like ''COSMO HAZ 2 BE A ZOMBIE PLS PLS PLS''. Idk why, I'm obsessed with (AJ) zombie koalas.And goats. And pandas.And sloths.
 But then I checked and found out that Cosmo was a ghost, nvm. So here are the Alphas' costumes:

  • Liza: Frankenstein's Bride
  • Graham: Cyborg/ Phantom of the Opera
  • Sir Gilbert: Vampire
  • Cosmo: Ghost
  • Greely: Mummy
  • Tavie: Sea monster (?)
But where's Peck? Ehh? EHHHH? Why all the other Alphas have turned into monsters and Peck didn't?!

Here they are:

 Anyways, that's all for today! Oh, btw, I will be livestreaming NEXT Friday and not today :P

 Now imma just end this post, since nothing at all happened on the 21st.... Bye!

Lol k. K, you got meh. My amazing convincing skills seem to be a failure. This time. 1 year ago, ''today'' (supposing today it is Friday) I became an AJCC author. Also, on October 27th I found a stray kitten. Lol, I posted about little Abeba/Emily (her current name) only once! Well, she was really tiny when I found her, in the middle of the street. She had some sort of cat-asthma, and I kind of saved her. We kept her for a week, and then found her an owner. Now, she is a healthy 1-year-old cat whose favorite hobby is chasing wasps :)
Here's a picture of her when I found her:
Or maybe more pictures of her when I found her o3o:

(This one's a little blurry)

I have more but I can't find them :T

So long, everybody!

(I'll be making one more new siggy soon!)


  1. *Whoever manages what is really wrong with this posts gets some random item!

    1. You said today was Friday?

    2. No, there is something characteristic in any other post!

    3. When you tried to trick us you didn't put a siggy!

    4. Or after you said "piegirlsy" there was a bunch of random spaces?

    5. :O
      I think Julian2 is right. Peck's missing.

      Also, that kitten is SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!

    6. Read the post carefully, and find what is missing :D

    7. Umm, the wrong thing is: You said "1 year ago, ''today'' (supposing today it is Friday) I became an AJCC author." But technically you became an author for AJCC on July 8th, 2010.

    8. XD, no, I'm the newest author :P The 5th author, actually. The owner is MisterChunkybuddy, and the other authors were Ainoa18, Indio and Jokapaka.

  2. I squealed when I saw the portraits in the shop. Why? I have my reasons...

    *runs around squealing and scaring my dogs*

    I had too much sugar as you can see XD



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