Sunday, October 16, 2016

Livestreams and random art :P

Hoi jams!
Since I've only made 1 post this week :(, I decided to make a rather short post today. It is mostly about my livestreams (in which AJCC and other AJ blogs I love will be promoted). I will be live on any random day, but mostly on Fridays. I will probably do a livestream right after posting this, actually XD
When livestreaming, I usually draw, troll people and give stuff away. I'd love it if any of you joined :D Not many people join, you know :cri:. From now on, though, I'll be doing art requests live,as well!

What's more,I recently downloaded FireAlpaca!
Here is some art by moi for art contest, for me, for my sister and some buddies:

 2 fabulous art pieces of the kawaiiest jammer, by the kawaiiest jammer XDD Lol I'm so selfish :P
 For my sister.
For Luna AJ.
For Swirlshine. Lol, these animal patterns XD I didn't know what to add as a background...
For Lostfairy. Kinda plain, but I tried a few other backgrounds and I thought that this one looked the best. Also, this is the first time for me to draw a deer :P

That's all for today, cya tomorrow!!


  1. Wow!! I love the drawing! <3 I like the cute little face and eyes. And yes! Someone finally got my bracelet right! XD Two people (I think) made me have a red spiked wristband... I'm not that rare! XD

  2. Nice art!

    I used FireAlpaca for a year before I got photoshop, its a brilliant program!



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