Friday, October 14, 2016

New items& Mathterpieces?!

Hoi jams! Sorry for not posting on Monday and Wednesday :( I had loads of homework. But I'm done with Monday's homework. Since yesterday, because today we went on a school trip so we had no homework B)
Anyways, let's get in the topic:  The new items:

They look nice! But at least 1 of them should be non-member.
Also, have you guys seen the new glitched item?
The one I saw was owned by wolflovers99, who traded a magenta furry for it!

Lastly (for now), I started making a new series of masterpieces, which I really doubt you'll like...

I'll make more and fill my den with them! MWAHAHAHAHA!!
Not many people like maths these days :cri:

Oh, also, I'll be giving away a masterpiece soon (probs today), which won't be realistic or a Mathterpiece, it's gonna be.... a surprise XD 



  1. Oh my fadoodling fuzzles, WHY MATHS, FLORA?? HELP ME PLEASE

    *totally hasn't given all my time into making an entire den museum for Minecraft story mode themed masterpieces oops*



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