Friday, October 7, 2016

Returning item!

Hoi jams! This is the new item:

Also, sorry for not posting on Wednesday, I had tonz of homework D:
Like, why? WHY?!?!

Speaking of school, I'm hosting a pretty interesting giveaway for ya!
It is not an ordinary giveaway :P

First, watch the video. Pay attention to the music. That's practically all you have to do.
Once you finish watching the video, investigate and try to find out a) Which song did I pick and b) Why did I pick that song? The answer is in AJCC. This post? Not this post? You'll find out.

(I will upload it some other time bc it glitches at the moment D:)

Peaceful, eeeh?? (mwahahaha)

So basically all you have to do is:

~Comment your username
~Comment which song I used (not the name necessarily. A description is OK)
~Comment why I used this song (The answer is somewhere in this website...)

The prize's goona be either a beta or a wristband or a good rare item!

Well, that's all for today; Cya!!!

ps. Princessbg's GIF:


  1. You can get a free commission too, but cuddly made it first and so I chose it. But since you didn't get featured on the Advertisements page, you can get 2 commissions from me. I want everything to be FAIIIIIR


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