Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Returning item!

Hoi jams! I'm quite sure you know what the returning item is...
Giving this a 9.5 outta 10 because it's member. I like those funny, wacky items AJHQ releases, but not,like, all of them :T

What are your favorite NOTP items, jammers? Mine are:
-Eyeball Antenna
-Bat Zombie Mask
-Zombie Mask
-Robot Mask
-Trick-or-treat Basket
-Ghost Balloon
-Box Head
-Spooky Eyes

Looks like I have quite a lot of favorites!

Fun fact (something I just made up XD):

Acdnrdciog to smoe treihoes, you can raed txet and mkae ssene if its wrods' fsrit and lsat leetrts are the smae, the orehts' oerdr deos not mttaer!

This small test shows how creative you can be. I saw it on a book :P


  1. Mine are:
    I don't have one, they're all awesome (except brain hat O,O)

  2. "notp favourite items"
    *spits out tea*
    You don't want to know how much I died laughing at this. NOTP means the opposite of an OTP.

    I'm so immature sorry
    But rlly now I know Night if the phantoms=NOTP I am never going to stop laughing.

    My fave Halloween item is book of spells because I like books and they go with all my favourite items :P



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