Monday, October 3, 2016

RIM and mixed news (more like good news)

Hoi jams! This is the RIM:
Rare monster claws...

XD, now that was awkward.

And now, the mixed news part.

Bad news: I'm not in the Customerpalooza D:

Good news (very good news): Just look:

I just won Nymph's 2 most ''happy'' masterpieces! Hooray!!!
I actually won her horror story giveaway. This is the story, which was recorded (by me) a few days ago as an AJ movie:
Her art is so awesome, and she actually wrote a message this time :DDD
I really liked both of them, they look stunning.

And, as an addition,in this post, I will show you some things you REALLY have never noticed. Like. Never. Everyone does deez ''things you haven't noticed'' thingies (the only one that included a few things I really had never noticed was Swirlshine's), so what if I do one too?


I didn't know that my new favorite place in AJ had a secret entrance that can be seen only if you are in the shop O.o. It might be the door, but still, why is it so short when you're in the shop?


This frog-diver thingy in Flippers'n'Fins. (horrible quality)


Cute treepartments! (tree+apartments)

So we use crayons to draw! It was quite a mystery for me XP
O wait, they're not for the masterpieces, they are for the Print-And-Play thing :P


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