Monday, November 28, 2016

RIM and Christmas animation?!

Hoi jammmmz!!

This is today's RIM, which is AWEEESOMEEE!
It might be quite expensive, but it is non-member, quite creative and Christmas-themed!


Also, :drum roll guy drum rolls:

Drum roll guy: k.

Also, I am about to start making a Christmas Flipline animation! Ok, I haven't started making it yet XD

So here is...
:drum roll:

A TUTORIAL!!1!!!111!!

(Everyone else: so...exciting)

Lol, here is my SUPER FUN ANIMATING TUTORIAL! Let'g get started!
I've also made a form for this. So here's what you have 2 do:
Field 1. Username: Your AJ Username
Field 2. Ideas: Type down your ideas, or simply type ''no'' or something like that.
Field 3. Upload files: You can upload up to 6 files (2 MB). If you want to upload a video, split it into smaller parts :P


First, make this:

(you can use this as a room template)

Make some objects:
Color properly in order to make your room look 3D:
(I forgot to color the spectacular poster in this room. Also the bed looks like an old matchbox, but HEY NOTHING IS PERFECT DON'T FORGET THAT THERE'S PIZZA IN THIS ROOM XD)

You can also make areas such as forests, beaches etc.:

Here is the link for the form. By using this, you can send me text such as a few stories for the Christmas animation, pictures and small videos:
Ideas Form :D

That's all for today! Cya!!

Friday, November 25, 2016

No item again D:

Hoi jams.
The title says it all 💣

But Wednesday's item was pretty cool! (the maple leaf skirt)

Anyways, DO NOT FORGET to get the message-in-a-bottle present, today's surprise is a diamond :D

Lol, since AJHQ didn't release any items today, you know what this means...


Ok, so first, here is a Cosmo outfit I made:

Ok, more like a Cosmo fangirl outfit. I generally don't fangirl but Cosmo is my favorite Alpha XD

My entry for an AJ meme contest on YouTube:
Much beauty XD

And, finally, a few cute GIFs XD

Cya :D

(edit: the link for floranimations:

Monday, November 21, 2016

Rare Turquoise Bracelet!

Hey Jammers! This is today's RIM:
I didn't buy it, (I usually don't buy RIMs) but I think it looks quite ok! I like the color scheme, too!

Anyways, I don't have much to post about, so ,yeah XD check out my new video on yt if you want (contains mild violence XD lol nothing too cruel,but it's just a disclaimer):

Saturday, November 19, 2016

oh no...

Hoi jams...
Sorry, I won't bw able to do the party today because my best friends have come to my house :(
I will probably do the party next week, same time (2:30 CST)

Bye :P

Friday, November 18, 2016

Flora's Birthday Eve!

Hoi jams!
Today is a perfect day for a birthday Eve! I started my day with a Geology exam...
is dat supposed 2 be good?

Well, it is if you're me :P
Anyways, I'm actually making this post to make a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE Party Reminder:

Ohh, also, the new ''AJHQ'' item, the Root Lamp!

Also, Happy Birthday to LOSTFAIRY, whose birthday is tomorrow as well!! Lost,if you're reading this, here is a picture of the masterpiece I'm gonna give you:

It's a surprise XD

Semi-lastly, here is what me and my sister randomly made for my birthday (also her birthday):

Chocolate cake with apricot jam :P

Pomegranate Jelly :D

Lastly-lastly, imma upload some GIFs, because, ya know, GIFs are cool :D

Well, that's all for today; bye!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Party Details :D

Hoi jammers! I'm making this post to announce that there will be two more features in the party, such which are...

~Free art! (masterpieces or drawn with FireAlpaca)

(I made these for Art Contests, I submitted the first one but not the second one because I would definitely lose XD)

~YouTube intros/Signatures/Custom stuff with your animal XD

Here is the yt intro I'm currently using:

Lol XD I hope you all (or most of you) can make it to the party!

Monday, November 14, 2016

The new RIM& funny stuff!


Hi :D

This is the RIM:
I don't think I like it, and it's quite pricey, too!

Ok, now the special part of the post:


''Okay, so are you a girl on Animal Jam? Want to look cute, but all that "prep" stuff is too much for you? You've come to the right place! Read on to find out how to be the prettiest girl you can be!''

I am cute. Lol. I am the face of cuteness. I am Flora CUTEgirl. I know my stuff.

''Have a Membership. Without one, you will not be able to get a designer skirt and other pretty items like a spike or Rare item Mondays.''

 EXCUSE ME???!!?!?!11!??!?!1??!1 sO I will PAy to GeT Rare ITEm MondAYs???!?!?!??!?!? 

"Get the Fox or Arctic Wolf. These are the popular animals that everyone uses that will help you fit in, or get animals you think is cute. New animals like the newest Arctic Foxes that are cute and such, will help you."

                         Koalas are the masters of cuteness. And also the goats.
                                      And the lynxes.And the toucans,probably.

''Your outfit should be related somewhat like this: diamond earrings or beret, princess necklace or jamaaliday scarf, designer skirt, and a flower bracelet, elf bracelets, or camouflage boots.''

Since when are camouflage boots stylish? They are supposed to be army-ish like.

"When you think about the colors and patterns of your animal, the color of your patterns and color 2 should mostly be the same. If you wanted to use purple, try using a dark shade of purple for the color 2 and a lighter shade for the pattern. Or do the opposite! Whites, very light shades of gray and light brown are all good choices for the color 1. Avoid using strange colors that wouldn't match for color 1 such as blue, green, orange, etc."


That can't be right, k?

''Choose your Hair Type. You're going to get popular at some point, so choose your hair color. It wouldn't make sense if you said you said that you had black hair one day and blonde another. For blonde, say, "Golden rays of sunshine cascades down back!" For brown, say, "Chocolatey waves of cocoa melts down back!" For light brown, say, "Golden caramel waves melts down back!" For black, say, "Black streaks of midnight streams down back!" For red hair, say, "Rose red waves blossoms down back!"

A ''has got hair'' would be more than enough.

Anyways, bye Jammers!!


Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hoi jamz, sorri 4 not posting but Max ''accidently'' bit my eye (lower eyelid actually), if not too hard then hard enough to send me at the hospital, because that's what he did :T
Anyways, now that I've returned and the stitches are *almost* gone, I can post again, whee!

Oh lol. A couple of minutes ago I found the derpiest masterpiece ever.

Just look at it:
This face is LOAF. I want this. I need this.

Anyways, because I couldn't check the Jamaa Shops yesterday, here is today's new item that is definitely going to be a hit, since it looks a lot like the designer skirt!

It looks funny on koalas XD Also, I just noticed that it is in a really good price, so, if you like it, make sure to buy it before it's gone! (now I sound so AJHQ-ish DX)

Lastly, a note about the Flipline animation; I will make a post about it on AJ Art Corner (it's not AJ-themed, yet I post there a little more freely than here), so make sure to check it out! (if you don't know where to find AJAC, check my profile page :D)

Cya jamz!

Party Reminder!

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Original Zios Mask in stores...?

Hoi jams.
Today AJHQ stole Zios' mask and added it on stores.
Credit to Animal Jam Wiki
K, I actually bought it, it's ok, but... did AJHQ just steal an ancient mask and sold it as a fashionable Halloween/Thanksgiving (?) mask?
That's illegal, AJHQ, illegal. You are supposed to teach children.

No,jk, it looks pretty cool XD

Lol, since I have to go now :(, just a quick reminder for the Animating team members; for the Flipline series, a blog will probably be made, the password is going to be mentioned when the account is made, and will be some sort of spoiler. If you wish to join, let me know in the comments section, and I will give you the link :D

Party reminder:

K. Cya!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Acorn hat and ''a'' party :D

Hoi berries! Yes, I decided to call you berries because I suddenly invented a game which will be mentioned after the new item :P

This looks so snazzy. I can't wait to make derpy looks with it :DDDD

Btw, right now I am typing this post, thinking of what to write on my project about fjords and searching up a song (which our Literature teacher asked us to listen to, and then write a few paragraphs about what we learned XD). But my greatest achievement was last year. I managed to study for the Geography final exam (I got 19,5, which is,like, 97/100 and I think best in class :D) and play AJPW on my tablet on the same time :P I asked myself questions, answered them and played overflow XD Lol why am I even typing this?

Last but SO NOT LEAST, as you probably know, the most amazing time of the year is coming, which is no other than MY BIRTHDAY!! (lol jk my favorite time of the year is Christmas, but I also like Easter and St.Patrick's Day/Spring festivals and stuff which I really enjoy on AJ)

Luckily, my birthday is on a Saturday (in 2 weeks), so I hope all of you can come, or else... XD

Now isn't that SNAZZY?
That'll take place in my member account's (Tzatziki's) den!
I also reffered a game; well...

The game is called Berry Royal (Very Royal)

There are 4 levels: Peasant Strawberry(lowest)- Farmer Raspberry(medium-to-low)- Duke/Duchess Blueberry(medium-to-high)- Royal Cranberry (highest). You start as a Strawberry, and you have to complete various tricky tasks so you can increase your level.You need 3 points to level up. There are 4 sections...

  • Zoology (1 point, 1 question with 3 possible answers)
  • History (1,5 points, 1 question with 3 possible answers)
  • Pantomime (2 points, you have to guess what/who I am)
  • Science/Maths (3 points, you have to answer a question I ask you)
Each themed is picked RANDOMLY (I will write down on small papers the names of the tasks and you get what you get.)
If you level up and have f.e. 4 points, the 4th point gets cancelled.
The game ends when 2 berries reach the final stage and become Royal Cranberries. Those 2 players will recieve a gift as well!

Lastly-lastly, animation updates await! FLIPLINE SERIES:When the first episodes are launched (lol I haven't started working on them yet), I will probably make another blogger account in which I'll rarely enter (all members will have access to it if they are allowed to, but only 1 post must be posted every week), and will be some sort of ''spoiler'' XD.
AJ MOVIE: For first, we need to create some characters. Ok, not necessarily create, because I'm definitely adding my favoritest (lol) Alpha in the movie,Felicity (also Cosmo, but I've got a statue of Felicity, not of Cosmo... I was really thrilled when I first saw her statue and wanted to fill my account with Felicity, Andy and Avalon statues -but mostly Felicity bc I loaf lynxez. A lot.-, yet I didn't have enough inventory space so I only bought 1. Then it became members only, but it's still in my den :D) and that unnamed fox character. Comment down suggestions, all are accepted! (even if you're not in the team. You can join, though! Animating Website :P No e-mail address needed, you can type any address -even if it doesn't exist- as long as it contains @ and other email stuff!)

Ok, cya soon :P

EDIT: Lol, what a coincidence!! I just got a lynx (it was on sale) and named it GlowIng KawaIIIrIs (5 I's)

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Acorn Chair and new AJ Toy!

Hoi jams, this is the new item!!
Also, did you guys see the new Jazwares AJ figurine?

It actually looks so pretty!! I am pretty sure that one of the Promo Items given with it is that Snow Zios Chair, which looks quite COOL! (Flora's pun fails)

Anyways, I have to go now, see ya soon!