Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Acorn Chair and new AJ Toy!

Hoi jams, this is the new item!!
Also, did you guys see the new Jazwares AJ figurine?

It actually looks so pretty!! I am pretty sure that one of the Promo Items given with it is that Snow Zios Chair, which looks quite COOL! (Flora's pun fails)

Anyways, I have to go now, see ya soon!


  1. I really want the snow leopard... I'll have to wait until Christmas...

    lol imagine my parents going into toysrus

    "so how old is your child???"
    "*age that's older then 12 and younger then 15*"

    My life depends on the snow leopard. It's a SNOW.LEOPARD.

    Omd imagine a toy sloth
    *splashes water on my head*
    darn now I REALLY want AJ to have ocelots. Then I can expand my ocelot shrine.


    1. XD, what I really want,no, NEED is an Adopt-a-pet. Any, rare-non rare, idc, they just are SO CUTEEEE!!!

      I've always wanted AJ to have platypi :P


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