Friday, November 4, 2016

Acorn hat and ''a'' party :D

Hoi berries! Yes, I decided to call you berries because I suddenly invented a game which will be mentioned after the new item :P

This looks so snazzy. I can't wait to make derpy looks with it :DDDD

Btw, right now I am typing this post, thinking of what to write on my project about fjords and searching up a song (which our Literature teacher asked us to listen to, and then write a few paragraphs about what we learned XD). But my greatest achievement was last year. I managed to study for the Geography final exam (I got 19,5, which is,like, 97/100 and I think best in class :D) and play AJPW on my tablet on the same time :P I asked myself questions, answered them and played overflow XD Lol why am I even typing this?

Last but SO NOT LEAST, as you probably know, the most amazing time of the year is coming, which is no other than MY BIRTHDAY!! (lol jk my favorite time of the year is Christmas, but I also like Easter and St.Patrick's Day/Spring festivals and stuff which I really enjoy on AJ)

Luckily, my birthday is on a Saturday (in 2 weeks), so I hope all of you can come, or else... XD

Now isn't that SNAZZY?
That'll take place in my member account's (Tzatziki's) den!
I also reffered a game; well...

The game is called Berry Royal (Very Royal)

There are 4 levels: Peasant Strawberry(lowest)- Farmer Raspberry(medium-to-low)- Duke/Duchess Blueberry(medium-to-high)- Royal Cranberry (highest). You start as a Strawberry, and you have to complete various tricky tasks so you can increase your level.You need 3 points to level up. There are 4 sections...

  • Zoology (1 point, 1 question with 3 possible answers)
  • History (1,5 points, 1 question with 3 possible answers)
  • Pantomime (2 points, you have to guess what/who I am)
  • Science/Maths (3 points, you have to answer a question I ask you)
Each themed is picked RANDOMLY (I will write down on small papers the names of the tasks and you get what you get.)
If you level up and have f.e. 4 points, the 4th point gets cancelled.
The game ends when 2 berries reach the final stage and become Royal Cranberries. Those 2 players will recieve a gift as well!

Lastly-lastly, animation updates await! FLIPLINE SERIES:When the first episodes are launched (lol I haven't started working on them yet), I will probably make another blogger account in which I'll rarely enter (all members will have access to it if they are allowed to, but only 1 post must be posted every week), and will be some sort of ''spoiler'' XD.
AJ MOVIE: For first, we need to create some characters. Ok, not necessarily create, because I'm definitely adding my favoritest (lol) Alpha in the movie,Felicity (also Cosmo, but I've got a statue of Felicity, not of Cosmo... I was really thrilled when I first saw her statue and wanted to fill my account with Felicity, Andy and Avalon statues -but mostly Felicity bc I loaf lynxez. A lot.-, yet I didn't have enough inventory space so I only bought 1. Then it became members only, but it's still in my den :D) and that unnamed fox character. Comment down suggestions, all are accepted! (even if you're not in the team. You can join, though! Animating Website :P No e-mail address needed, you can type any address -even if it doesn't exist- as long as it contains @ and other email stuff!)

Ok, cya soon :P

EDIT: Lol, what a coincidence!! I just got a lynx (it was on sale) and named it GlowIng KawaIIIrIs (5 I's)


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