Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hoi jamz, sorri 4 not posting but Max ''accidently'' bit my eye (lower eyelid actually), if not too hard then hard enough to send me at the hospital, because that's what he did :T
Anyways, now that I've returned and the stitches are *almost* gone, I can post again, whee!

Oh lol. A couple of minutes ago I found the derpiest masterpiece ever.

Just look at it:
This face is LOAF. I want this. I need this.

Anyways, because I couldn't check the Jamaa Shops yesterday, here is today's new item that is definitely going to be a hit, since it looks a lot like the designer skirt!

It looks funny on koalas XD Also, I just noticed that it is in a really good price, so, if you like it, make sure to buy it before it's gone! (now I sound so AJHQ-ish DX)

Lastly, a note about the Flipline animation; I will make a post about it on AJ Art Corner (it's not AJ-themed, yet I post there a little more freely than here), so make sure to check it out! (if you don't know where to find AJAC, check my profile page :D)

Cya jamz!

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  1. Crikey! I hope you're feeling better! That sounds pretty painful :oo

    That dog art reminds me of a webkinz I have XD
    I'm random.
    But seriously that's so cute I NEED IT IN MY LIFE OM


    1. Heh, thanks! It actually isn't painful at the moment, and it was more like scary when it happened...



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