Monday, November 28, 2016

RIM and Christmas animation?!

Hoi jammmmz!!

This is today's RIM, which is AWEEESOMEEE!
It might be quite expensive, but it is non-member, quite creative and Christmas-themed!


Also, :drum roll guy drum rolls:

Drum roll guy: k.

Also, I am about to start making a Christmas Flipline animation! Ok, I haven't started making it yet XD

So here is...
:drum roll:

A TUTORIAL!!1!!!111!!

(Everyone else: so...exciting)

Lol, here is my SUPER FUN ANIMATING TUTORIAL! Let'g get started!
I've also made a form for this. So here's what you have 2 do:
Field 1. Username: Your AJ Username
Field 2. Ideas: Type down your ideas, or simply type ''no'' or something like that.
Field 3. Upload files: You can upload up to 6 files (2 MB). If you want to upload a video, split it into smaller parts :P


First, make this:

(you can use this as a room template)

Make some objects:
Color properly in order to make your room look 3D:
(I forgot to color the spectacular poster in this room. Also the bed looks like an old matchbox, but HEY NOTHING IS PERFECT DON'T FORGET THAT THERE'S PIZZA IN THIS ROOM XD)

You can also make areas such as forests, beaches etc.:

Here is the link for the form. By using this, you can send me text such as a few stories for the Christmas animation, pictures and small videos:
Ideas Form :D

That's all for today! Cya!!

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