Monday, November 14, 2016

The new RIM& funny stuff!


Hi :D

This is the RIM:
I don't think I like it, and it's quite pricey, too!

Ok, now the special part of the post:


''Okay, so are you a girl on Animal Jam? Want to look cute, but all that "prep" stuff is too much for you? You've come to the right place! Read on to find out how to be the prettiest girl you can be!''

I am cute. Lol. I am the face of cuteness. I am Flora CUTEgirl. I know my stuff.

''Have a Membership. Without one, you will not be able to get a designer skirt and other pretty items like a spike or Rare item Mondays.''

 EXCUSE ME???!!?!?!11!??!?!1??!1 sO I will PAy to GeT Rare ITEm MondAYs???!?!?!??!?!? 

"Get the Fox or Arctic Wolf. These are the popular animals that everyone uses that will help you fit in, or get animals you think is cute. New animals like the newest Arctic Foxes that are cute and such, will help you."

                         Koalas are the masters of cuteness. And also the goats.
                                      And the lynxes.And the toucans,probably.

''Your outfit should be related somewhat like this: diamond earrings or beret, princess necklace or jamaaliday scarf, designer skirt, and a flower bracelet, elf bracelets, or camouflage boots.''

Since when are camouflage boots stylish? They are supposed to be army-ish like.

"When you think about the colors and patterns of your animal, the color of your patterns and color 2 should mostly be the same. If you wanted to use purple, try using a dark shade of purple for the color 2 and a lighter shade for the pattern. Or do the opposite! Whites, very light shades of gray and light brown are all good choices for the color 1. Avoid using strange colors that wouldn't match for color 1 such as blue, green, orange, etc."


That can't be right, k?

''Choose your Hair Type. You're going to get popular at some point, so choose your hair color. It wouldn't make sense if you said you said that you had black hair one day and blonde another. For blonde, say, "Golden rays of sunshine cascades down back!" For brown, say, "Chocolatey waves of cocoa melts down back!" For light brown, say, "Golden caramel waves melts down back!" For black, say, "Black streaks of midnight streams down back!" For red hair, say, "Rose red waves blossoms down back!"

A ''has got hair'' would be more than enough.

Anyways, bye Jammers!!


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