Saturday, December 17, 2016

Art and art and even more art!



Lol hi jammz, that was my excitement XD

I can't find my derpy story (It was a book,kinda...) :(, so I found something else to do for the December Surprise! Not better than the story but definitely worth watching/reading!

Credit to Purplestarclub (it was her idea), Swirlshine and Lostfairy (they did that before me)

Reacting to my old art!

I made these when I was,like 4 years old O,o Our preschool teacher wrote titles on our drawings, which will be mentioned :P

''Alice in Wonderland''
Now this is art, I mean, this beautiful girl cannot be compared to anyone.
This looks like a flying toast.
Fleas trapped in potatoes fight for their freedom XD

''The Fairy of the Rainbows''
How is she supposed to fly, she doesn't even have WINGS. Oh wait, she does, see those green scribbles?

''Sleeping Beauty''
This is a real beauty,guys. And she definitely is sleeping XD (btw, those lines covered in pink scribbles are not part of her neck but her legs XD)

This is a dinosaur, quietly drinking water from a pond, and the meteorites. Like, this is the explaination of the extinction of the dinosaurs. Of course! They were drinking water in their peace and quiet and suddenly, BOOM!

''The Loch Ness monster''
Um... nice head/neck you got there, Nessie :)

Ehh.. this is a puppy for SURE.
''The big wasp''
This looks so waspy, and :O look at those realistic flowers...
This one had no title. And I had written ''Good Branches'' in the bottom XD This is probably supposed to be a green mamba or some sort of snake :P
Ok, this looks like an ostrich a little, but a SWAN?
Fine artwork lol XD
And another giraffe! Its head looks like a skull.. BUT HEY AT LEAST I DIDN'T MISSPELL GIRAFFE! (I'm saying this because -it can't be seen in the picture- my teacher wrote ''girrafe'' instead of ''giraffe'' but idk why. Like, how. Giraffe was my favorite word back then. I would never misspell this. And I got really sad when I saw that. Really sad. A 3-year-old could spell ''giraffe'' but an adult couldn't. How sad.)

And another giraffe!
I've saved the best giraffe for the end...

''A giraffe hiding its neck''
Something that could definitely happen in real life.Trust me, I know such things XD

Ok, that's all for today! Cya soon!!!

I LOAF THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. XD XD XD XD Flora ur so funny
    is your username FloraCutegirl or something else?

    1. Ty :3

      My username is Cuterebecca, but I also have another user, xxfloracutegirlxx, and I accept buddy requests on both :D

  2. XDDDDD, I love old art reactions!

    You must've really loved giraffes, XD! Imma jump through the Blogger portal, frame one of those pictures, and hang it in your room to watch you FOREVER. AND EVER.

    XDDD, just kidding.


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