Friday, December 9, 2016

Jolly elf hat,tag and giveaway winner!

Hey there ja-ja-ja-jammms!!

Today's returning item is the classic Jolly Elf hat!
It's affordable and Jamaaliday-ish!

Also, here's a neat Christmas Tag by Lostfairy!
1.Hmm... Probably an Epic Plushie. Or the Club Geoz music/soundtrack (because the non-member den music is...IS...-explodes-).
2. Carolling, decorating,giving presents, watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music (Sometimes), visiting my best friends, reading comics (XD), drawing, playing AJ and THIS YEAR, ANIMATING, WOO!
3. Probably carolling or meetups with my best friends. Also giving presents.
4. I managed to order my dream item today from eBay,which is a 3D printer!
5. I never really believed in Santa (with Santa I obviously mean the one that's dressed up in red clothes and has a white beard and elf helpers). I mean, he was the Coca-Cola mascot back in the 1800's, made up to advertise Coca-Cola...

The giveaway winner is zuzu1199! You'll receive your masterpiece soon :)

And, today's surprise...

Probably most of you have heard of Julian2's Animal Jam Conspiracies.
Well, guess what! They all are wrong.
Here's the truth:


Lastly, here's a Scrubs GIF:



  1. I need two regular penguin plushies (no accesories) the purple monkey plushie with white hair, and a green seal plushie with a red hat. I need them to start a plushie blog. I'm zuzu1199. trades or gifts welcome

  2. Decorating is 1000% my favorite part. That, and baking festive cookies. 8D

  3. Hey, Flora? Not to be rude, but do you have an estimate of how long it will take for me to get the masterpiece? I'm really exited!:D Oh, and I have both the penguin plushies now! I just need the monkey and the seal. I <3 plushies!

    1. I think it will take about 2 more days :P
      I think I've got those two on some spare accounts and imma check to confirm my thoughts :D

  4. I wish you still did Banana the spider..I miss him, and I REALLY want to know who wrote "Skool Suks" on the library it wuz Icy..


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