Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas/ AJCC anniversary!

Hoi there, jams....

HAPPY AJCC ANNIVERSARY! (5th if I'm right :P)

Christmas Eve was so fun! (for me, at least)
First, me, my sister and our friends went carolling and got about 200 euros :D
Then, we bought gossip magazines to make custom ''newspapers'', but we ended up making Lucky Charms. Wondering what Lucky Charms are?
Fabulous. The latest trend.

Oh, also, today I managed to 3Dprint something... half a cat XD

So, anyways... I will do a DIY Lucky Charm tutorial sometime XDDD

Lastly, Swirlshine and AJkraft sent me 2 marvellous masterpieces!! TYSM!!!!!!!!

Also, I drew this for Scooter's contest. Click here to view his blog!


  1. Wait so the AJCC Anniversary is right by Christmas? You know what that means! TWICE THE PARTIES. =TOO

    THE LUCKY CHARMS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. Who needs solid gold rings when you can have a lucky charm! XD

    Oooh! The masterpieces are so pretty. ^~^ *Breaks into Flora's house* *Goes to her computer and hacks into her account to take masterpieces* *Ignores spik Cllrs and rres* *Steals masterpieces* *Relizes she could have asked Swirl/AJKraft for them* *Breaks back in* *Notices Flora's kitchen* *Eats all of Flora's food* *Returns masterpieces* *Goes home* Heh Heh Heh.


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