Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Short post :P

Hoi jams!
I'm really sorry I can't make a proper post, but I've got tons of exams lately :,(
For example, tomorrow we're having a History exam :cris:

So today's post is going to be pretty simple.

First, I would like you to know that I will soon start editing the animation, so, if you've made (or want to make) anything, let me know :D

Ok, I don't want this post to be too tiny. So here are some screenshots for you to see, lol XD

My profile pic, Christmas style!
O,o I'm pretty sure my sister sent this to Julian2 XD

Again,my sister's YT channel mascot, Jimmy XD

Last but not least, enjoy this spicy pup XD
Again, I'm really sorry, but let's hope that I'll be able to post this Friday, or probably tomorrow :D

And, the December surprise of the day:
Comment down your username, and I will use a random picker tool to pick someone. The person that will be chosen will receive a masterpiece of their main animal (or any other AJ animal they own if requested). I will use xxfuturamaxx to make the masterpiece :D



  1. Aww, sorry Flora! I hope exams go good!

    OHHH! A masterpiece!!! :O User: LOSTFAIRY!!! XD

  2. My user is zuzu1199! Do a masterpiece of my goat or my dolphin, please!

  3. My user is zuzu1199! Do a masterpiece of my goat or my dolphin, please!

  4. Sorry 'bout that, don't know why there are two :P

  5. O my days the king bean is majestic

    Right imma enter
    Animal-my main animal Daredevil SpiritCat

  6. What happened to the blog while I was gone? lol I haven't been in here since 2 years. Where's MCB. Oh wait, I read some stuff looking for him like last year...

    1. BTW I'm mythicalspiritwolf1.
      I still remember that day I met MCB at the base camp...

    2. MCB did author comissions and I was chosen to be an author.

    3. Mister ChunkybuddyFriday, December 09, 2016

      Hi, I'm still alive xd


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