Monday, January 30, 2017

Rare Arm Cuffs

Hoi jamz
This is the RIM:

Credit to The Animal Jam Sky Blog

I don't really like them, but they're ok. 

By the way, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS DEVIANTART USER'S ART: Cryptid-Creations

That's all for now :P. Cya on Friday probably, idk if I'll be able to post this Wednesday :(

Lucky Charms r life B)


  1. I fadoodling love Cryptid Creations. Their art is so amazing!

    I need to make me some own lucky charms. I'm thinking a whale, a loaf of bread, a spinny boi, Gabe the dog...

    ok what


    1. I randomly found the Moochi art and loved it, I've added their profile on my watch list :D

      Lucky charms r hawt. Pure quality. You can either draw random stuff and use them as ring charms or pick pictures from magazines, like I did. My favorite one is cousin Hairs. (no,that's not the person's real name, it is how I call him XD)


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