Friday, May 5, 2017

The return of the Tophats and an AJ Comic page (old) by Slushy2151

Hoi jams! Sorry for not posting but I had to study for MANY tests this week :T, I have to study for a History test as well :cri:

Anyways, as most of you know, the Tophats have returned as a Hatapalooza special feature!
Yay! Personally, I'm in favor of this since Tophats are pretty cool! And they ONLY COST 75 GEMS!! That's awesome :DDD
Most people don't seem to like the return of the tophats because ''they lost their rarity''. I don't mind because I only have,like,3 or 4 tophats and I got them at the Forgotten Desert (now I have over 50, huehue, HUEHUEHUE)

The Pixelated Koala Hat is the other new item (actually there are 19 -I think- new items but these are my favorite XD):
Who likez my new head XD?

Also, take a look at this AJ comic page made by Slushy2151:

That's all for now, I'm afraid, but I think I'll be able to post on Monday, so cya!!


  1. I like your signature flora!

  2. That is so nice of you and the comics look superb as always. I hope to see more from you in the recent future and enjoy your comics. Keep up the good job!


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