Friday, June 30, 2017

New Item& YouTube

Heyyyy jamssss
This is the new item:
Credit to the Animal Jam Sky Blog 
I kind of like all those archaeological items!

 I also decided to make a list about some of my favorite AJ YouTube channels and the reasons why I like them.
 Now, most jammers who watch YouTube probably know Aparri, WisteriaMoon, Bepper, Julian2... but what about the other,smaller YouTubers?

RainbowTheCat-45,000 subscribers

Even though she has left the Animal Jam community (I think), RainbowTheCat's entertaining skits are worth a watch! Even though in her videos she tends to act in a nasty way, she's really nice to her fans! (don't forget that they're just skits :T)
Magnet PlaysAJ-17,000 subscribers

 Magnet makes lots of fun videos, such as edits, AJ outfits suggestions, den speed-decorating and more, however, she's her infamous ''Unpopular Opinions'' are quite well-known as well. To be honest here, I agree with her ''Unpopular Opinions'', and she always has a point.She also is an outstanding artist!
CocoTrolls AJ-24,000 subscribers
 CocoTrolls' channel is (obviously) dedicated to trolling. And she certainly is great at what she's doing-she's a fantastic YouTuber! She also makes skits at times.

That's all for today! I will make a part 2 soon!


  1. My brother is always on YouTube. He probably knows all those names you mentioned. Which and what games is this post about. Can you elaborate?


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