Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New item& YT banner group drawing edited

Hoi jammmmms! This is the new item:
Hmmmmmmm... so Phantoms are aliens.
Intresting. Do go on, FRIEEEND.
(what on Earth am I doing?)

You can find a very interesting post about the Phantom-alien conspiracy on the Animal Jam Pyre.

Also, here's my updated blogger group pic:
I added: Crazcatlover, Snowlondon, Violet86271 (I forgot the brown pattern D: gotta edit this again) and Purplestarclub :P

That's all for today; CYAAAA!
(is scared)
KOALAS HAVE LAAARGE EYES, AJHQ (at least the AJ ones). 


  1. That banner is AWESOME Flora! :D Gj!

    Yeah I agree that koala is scary *cries*


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