Friday, August 4, 2017

Christian tag!

Hoi jambas
(jambas forla srsly u sooo werd whatevur)

Anyways, HIIII
Today, I'll be doing the Christian tag, originally created by Graciepopstar91 :P

1. What is your all time favorite Christian song?
Hm, I don't have an all time favorite, but I ironically listened to my new favorite song (which is a Christian song) last Sunday, Iosa by The Cranberries.

2. Have you ever witnessed to somebody? If so, how did it go?
Sadly, I've only witnessed once, in the comments section of a YouTube video.It...didn't go well, I received a nasty reply, but I don't really care, it was more of one of those trashy replies haters leave because they have nothing better to do and swear for the sake of fun

3. What is your favorite type of Christian music?
I also like hymns a lot

4. Have there been any miracles God has done for you? 
Well, as Sarah said, life is a miracle itself, but yes, I was even present when a small miracle happened  at the camp last year :) 

5. How many Christian masterpieces have you seen on Animal Jam?
Ehh... 6? 7? I wish there were more.

6. Are your Parents Christians? Yup!

7. What is your favorite part of the Bible?
I have no idea (either XD)

Here are my questions:

1. Have you ever been bullied/discriminated because of your faith? (not really, thankfully)

2. Are your friends/most of your friends Christians? (um... kinda? I know that four of my friends -including my two bffs- are Christians, but I'm not sure for the rest)

3. How often do you go to church? (once or twice a week)

4.Who is/are your favorite Christian AJ YouTuber/s? (Nekaigo and MagnetPlays AJ)

5. Have you ever taken part in Christian activities (numerous times XD, I can't name all of them so I'm just going to show you a picture of the place where my favorite one takes part it:


6. Easter or Christmas? (Easter,but I love both)

7.  For how long have you been a Christian? (for my entire life)

I'm tagging:
and whoever else wants to do the tag :P

Ok, that's all for today! Cya in a few days!!

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