Monday, November 27, 2017

RIM& more stuff about the contest

Hey hey hey sorry for not posting yesterday, no, I didn't forget, but I literally didn't know what to post about. Also, the mouse stopped working once more (it could be because of the computer), so I'm currently using another computer, which means NO SCREENY (cri), so I'll have to find pictures for the post online.
Anyways, this is the RIM:

JMC Rare Investigators Hat
(credit to the Animal Jam Wiki)
It's too vibrant, I guess AJHQ is trying a bit too hard to make things look Christmas-y...

I don't really have much time left, so I am now going to move on to the next topic, which is my Suspenseful Writing Contest:

I stupidly got locked out of the e-mail account XD 
I will probably make a new one or try to reconnect to the first one.
Anyways, I will now be analysing the rules:
- The story does not neccessarily have to be set in some AJ land. The characters could be players of the game.
-And don't forget the paragraphs!
-This is the complicated step- I will publish all of the stories, and you guys will be requested to fill in a form. You'll have to rate the language that has been used, the ''quality'' of the characters, how suspenseful you thought the story was, etc.
- For example: ''And they all lived happily ever and then they watched Futurama''
''And then Flora found the cat''
''Max, Arolf's dog, loves food''
Everything must be created from scratch. 
- (Even though Id on't know what that has to do with Animal Jam, but:) A murder isn't considered inappropriate as long as it is not detailed. But again, I have no idea what a murder has to do with Animal Jam XD

That's all for today, cyaaaaaaaaa!

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