Friday, March 16, 2018

Random art

Hoi guys
did ye miss me?
I would like you to know that I'm preparing a surprise for you, it'll probably be ready by the end of the week.

Today I'll be showing you some drawings of mine since I haven't done that in a pretty long time.

This is kind of old but I like it.

Same goes for this one.
I honestly don't know what that is. Perhaps a coral,or...?
Once more, same goes for this one, DUN JUDJ ME K??

This one's just great, I love it, huehue.

Delicious and nutricious! I'm astonished at how good the letters look in this, since
A) I can't write with a mouse
B) My handwriting is  a w f u l

Look, an amoeba!

That's all for today, see ya soon!


  1. Nice Drawings Flora! What program do you use?

    1. (two centuries later)
      Thanks! I use FireAlpaca!


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