Monday, March 5, 2018

RIM& Rant, wooohooo

hi it's banana

Howdy everybody! Don't you just love this week's RIM? I know I do!
Ok, that sounded overly pretentious, let's do it again.


let's move on the the next part of the post

Once upon a time, Flora went to the Flag shop to buy some nice flags for her den, but she saw this:
(brace yourselves because Flora the history buff is now about to start going on and on about how this is a mistake PLS FIX IT AJHQ AYY)

 For all we know, Macedonia is a region in Greece, which used to include parts of Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, until the Slavic invasion . After that, the only remaining part of Macedonia was (still is) ,
well, Greek Macedonia-(Bulgaria+Yugoslavia). HOWEVER, several centuries later (in the 19th century), Yugoslavia and Bulgaria (parts of them) were to be re-added to the countlry/land (I don't remember whether it was a country yet) of Greece. The Greeks declined because the part of Macedonia still attached to the country/their land was Greek (inhabited by Greeks), while the other parts were inhabited by Slavic people. And then, the whole ''We're decendands of Alexander The Great'' thing began. Ok, for ALLLLLLL  we know, there is no way on Earth that could be true. 1. Alexander The Great was from Pella,Greece (trust me I'm a doktor) and 2. He didn't have any ancestors... I mean, he DID have a son, but he got murdered when he was 13.

pls fix it AJHQ
Yes yes yes it's a sensitive topic but koala has proof

k bye

See ya!!!

I found a latimeria!!!
(I think)

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