Tuesday, April 24, 2018

AJ Tags!

Heyo guys
(hi forla)

Today, I'll be doing some more tags! Let's get started:

The first one is a tag made by Violet!
1. Cuterebecca/ xxfloracutegirlxx/Tzatziki
2. I thiiink... October 22nd, 2015?
3. Animal Jam Blogs (more specifically, animal jam blog)
4. I only am an author on AJCC!
5. [does the math] Two years,seven months and two days-ish
6. Because I needed a hobby and I really loved AJCC. When I found out that there were author applications, I was enthralled.
7. Pretty much what I typed previously.
8. I have been playing since September 26th, 2014.
9. I don't really know what my favourite thing is, but what I kind of dislike is when I actually forget to post, or remember to do so in the middle of the night. Basically, what I don't like is not blogging.
10. Nothing specific springs to mind.
11. Nothing in particular [ENOUGH WITH ALL THOSE NOTHINGS]
12. Nope
13. I enjoy being in the blogging community, I like being here in general.
14. You know, it could be rants.
15. I have no idea XD, it really depends on the post itself.

Next up, Ja's instrument tag!
1. I [kind of] can play the piano (keyboard) and the pennywhistle. I also have a trombone and a guitar but I can barely play anything on them.
2. I like most of them, honestly. But let's just say the cello, the harp or the dulcimer. Or the guitar. I DON'T KNOW AAAA
3.  Since even I don't know which instrument I mean, I can't answer this.
4. You know that thing that looks like a pot and when you tap it, it makes various sounds. That one.
5. It's just another 2000's annoying and unoriginal instrument.
6. The trombone,since I bought one recently.
7. Canon in D major.

Ok guys, that's it for today! Cya!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Animal Jam Bingo

It's been a month and


SORRY FOR NOT POSTING, GUYS! I've mentioned the reason why I rarely post a bunch of times already so I guess I don't have to mention it again. But still, SORRRRRRRYYYYYY

This is today's RIM:
Mediocre, in my opinion.

I also made a bingo-thingy for you guys:
Here are my answers:
( I didn't put those blocks in that order on purpose, I just randomly bingoed, I  didn't cheat or anything. just sayin')
I have to go now, so cya!

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