Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Summer Carnival (Cotton Candy recipes included)

why hello mr koala friend
Summer in Animal Jam is pretty awesome! Today, I decide to have some fun at the summer carnival! To be honest, I actually missed it, it's pretty great.
14,554 tickets?!?! I thought I had about 1,000 or something XD
Let's play...
''Kill the phantoms with darts''. Wow that sounds neat, I just love killing my enemies, just like any other normal person. 
Seriously, AJHQ? Back in October, you were all like ''ohohohho some phantoms just want to be loved'', and now this?
But I'm pretty good at this and they're not real creatures anyway. Mwahahahaha

After lots of lag and struggle, I got 244 tickets. THAT'S ANOTHER WAY TO SAY I LOST

Now, let's play...
My favourite!


Now, let's make some cotton candy
I've heard that new recipes have been added. Hmm....
A phantom king! (star cone+black+white+black)
A paw! (white cone+white+orange+yellow)
A heart! (heart cone+pink)
A star! (star cone+yellow)
A rainbow! (lightning cone+blue+yellow+pink)
A moon! (the moon?) (lightning cone+white+blue+white)
The sun! (star cone+yellow+orange+orange)
I got a lot of tickets. Hooray :P

That's it for today! See ya!


  1. Ooh! I never knew how to make the moon!

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